Thursday, March 1, 2007

Totally rad

An early version om SymRAD was released a few days ago. It's a RAD tool for Symbian phones (Series 80, S60 3.x and UIQ 3.x), where you define your UI in XML and code application logic in javascript. Future versions will also allow C++ plugins. It's still very incomplete, but it looks promising.

Of course it's nice that you can now throw together a working Symbian app in a very short time, but it's kind of sad that you could probably construct an app with the same functionality in C or C++ almost as quickly on a platform with decent API:s. It's always nice to have different alternatives though, and the number of options are increasing quite a bit these days, with SymRAD and the recently released PIPS and Open C packages. None of these is a complete solution, but anything that can improve the situation over what's been available so far, the Symbian C++ framework, Java and Python, is good news.

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