Thursday, March 1, 2007

This is not a CV

I just thought I'd introduce myself, to show where I come from and how I ended up in the world of mobile phone development.

My first job was at a small company called Aurora Innovation in Uppsala, Sweden. It was actually a spin-off from mine and Robert's thesis project, which had nothing to do with mobile phones, but with feet and shoes. We built 3d scanners from old record players and webcams, until the shoe project was dropped and we moved into cellphones, more specifically Series 60 smartphones. This was back in 2002, so the available models were the 7650 and the 3650. We developed a system that was really a glorified answering machine, and we worked on it until I started to feel too much like Dilbert and quit the job, after about 9 months of Symbian development. I gained a lot of experience with closed API:s, lack of documentation, and co-workers getting so fed up with the latter that they started throwing things.

Fast forward to 2005 and I got a job at Synergenix, the mobile games publisher, where I maintained the Symbian port of the mophun gaming middleware for about a year. I had a great time there and learned quite a bit about mobile gaming, ARM assembly, active objects and platform security. My main achievement there was porting mophun to S60 3.0, which taught me a lot of about platform security and the sorts of obscure bugs you'll run into when porting to a new ABI.

In September 2006 I left Synergenix, which had then changed names to Blaze (and was soon thereafter bought by Oberon), for a new job at TAT. I can't tell you much about the projects I've been working on there, but my previous Symbian experience has proven very useful. And it's a joy not to have to work as a 3rd party developer anymore, with all the lack of documentation and support that that brings on.

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UL-Tomten said...

Excellent! I always knew you had it in you.