Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The N-Gage brand again

I found this via All About Symbian. So it seems Nokia decided to keep the N-Gage brand for their new gaming platform. According to Antoine Doumenc, head of global sales for games at Nokia:

We are going to push the platform, absolutely. To look at another company - if you consider the Nike brand, it has a value whereby you know if you walk into a Nike store you're going to get a product of a high quality. It's the same thing here. With N-Gage we want to do the same thing for consumers. When they hear the N-Gage brand they know they'll be getting a valuable experience.

Come on now, wouldn't it have been a smart move to come up with a new name? People are still making jokes about the original N-Gage. Sidetalking, anyone? Having to remove the battery to switch games? People don't think "quality" if you mention N-Gage. The old N-Gage doesn't have much in common with the new platform anyway. There won't be a new N-Gage device, so the point of keeping the name is way beyond me. It seems they're doing their best to fail again.

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