Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mobile is dead

Mobile is dead, Russell Beattie proclaims in a recent blog post. What a moron, hasn't he noticed how everyone has a cellphone these days? Doesn't he know that there are several highly successful companies producing and distributing cellphones all over the world?


Russ said...

Thaaaaanks! Really, you're so helpful.



Tomas Jokubonis said...

i think many things we now think good is just gone in future.. you look at black and white picture it is no longer there.. soon no tv or pc everything will be gone..

bill gates says he reads no books any more.. he knows what will happen in future.. we all should study him..

actually square wheel is what will happen! it is the truth of centuries..

thanks for your attention,
Tomas Jokubonis, inventor