Friday, March 21, 2008

Mobile phone market shares in the USA

I was under the impression that Nokia sold almost no phones in the USA, when someone told me that they actually sell a lot of phones there. I tried to find some numbers, but couldn't, until I suddenly stumbled on this article today, with the following listing (Q3 2007):

Motorola: 31%
LG: 17%
Samsung: 16%
Nokia: 11%
Sanyo: 4%

So Nokia do actually sell quite a lot of phones in the USA, although 11% is a bit pathetic, compared with their worldwide market share of around 40%. Finding Motorola on top isn't a surprise, people prefer to buy local products, so Americans buy Motorola, Swedes buy Sony-Ericsson and I suppose most Finns buy Nokia. (Now, I'm sure that quite a large a portion of these phones are branded as Sprint or AT&T, which means consumers have no idea where they're "made".)

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