Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nokia 6120 Classic

I got myself a new phone, a Nokia 6120 Classic. It seems to be a really nice phone. It's small (for a smartphone), it's cheap (not that I paid for mine, but anyway), it's 3G and it's fast (for an S60 device). It has a solid feel to it too, not the typical plastic feel that so many phones have, including most of Nokia's other S60 devices. It also doesn't look horrible, like some other phones. Too bad it doesn't come in spectacular colours (only black and white), because I would have loved a yellow one.

As a bonus, it comes with some code written by yours truly: the embedded game Marble Cannon runs on mophun, with my Symbian integration. It's a pretty nice game (haven't tried it before, Johan started coding it about the same time I quit my job at Synergenix), but maybe a bit too easy.

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