Thursday, July 19, 2007

Quality software

People like to say things like "and as Symbian is an open system, there's lots of third party apps available". Sure, there are a number of 3rd party apps out there, but how good are they? I haven't really sampled all that many recently, and what I've seen has been disappointing. It's nice to see that AllAboutSymbian are commenting on this as well. It's not like the stuff pointed out in that article are hard to fix, but face it, there's not much available, and what's out there is often quite bad.

This isn't the usual rant topic ("programming for Symbian sucks"). It's about sloppy developers. I hope people take this seriously, because if most of the 3rd party software sucks, there's not much point in having an open platform, right? And if the only advantage of having an open platform is taken away, we might as well have closed platforms. And that like... sucks.

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