Thursday, June 28, 2007

The final chapter. And the first one.

Sony/Ericsson announced that they've now shipped the final firmware for the P990, the M600 and the W950. It seems there are still quite a lot of issues, and parts of the smartphone fanatics crowd are furious. I can understand them, because they've paid for expensive devices, which are now pretty much obsolete.

But in a way, isn't it better to move on and forget about this whole disaster? Sometimes you buy things that aren't as good as you expected. Sony/Ericsson probably made more money from these phones than they're losing from bad publicity. And I'm sure they've learnt their lesson. Don't try to integrate a major new OS version along with several new networking technologies in one device. It's too complicated. Software engineering really isn't that advanced. There's a limit to how much complexity it can handle.

And tomorrow the iPhone will start selling in the USA. Initial reviews seem to indicate that it lives up to the hype, but we'll see how well it's holding up in the real world. It seems Apple did the right thing, despite the fact that this is their first phone. They chose not to include 3g or MMS. You can't even use the camera to record videos. If they'd tried to add as much nerd-magnet technology as in the N95, they might have failed spectacularly. With that much hype, lots of people were probably hoping that it would.


UL-Tomten said...

It's the final firmware

puterman said...

But are you wearing spandex?